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See below for online and CD rehearsal aids:

  • ChordPerfect – parts emphasised with real voices, and no subscription required.
  • Choralia – chipmunk voices but free and very helpful – donations welcome.
  • John Fletcher’s Music Files – no words but helpful nevertheless – registration is required before the files can be seen but there is no charge for access to pieces which are out of copyright (log in or search from Home page if this link does not take you to the Elijah page).
  • ChoraLine – CDs or downloads for purchase. They feature voice parts emphasised in different instruments and provide helpful cues for your entrances. Prices from £9.99 to £13.99.
  • YouTube – there are, of course, a number of performance recordings of Elijah on YouTube but some kind souls have provided emphasised parts along with the score:
    • Choirparts seems to have covered this – there are too many items in too many voices to list links here but the quickest search method is probably along the lines of:
      composer + piece + voice part, e.g. “elijah help lord alto”