Resources – Summer Concert 2018

Summer Concert 2018 – online rehearsal aids

YouTube – there are a number of recordings on YouTube for all pieces but for emphasised piano parts, some direct links are provided below.


Mass in C Minor

  • Choralia – chipmunk voices but free and very helpful – donations welcome
  • John Fletcher’s Music Files – no words but features slower renditions of some sections – registration required before the files can be seen – free for pieces out of copyright (log in or search from Home page if results not visible)
  • ChordPerfect – real voices emphasised and free, but some second choir parts are missing
  • YouTube – courtesy of Choirparts.  The following links take you to the Kyrie – links to the rest of the piece should then become visible:

Insanae et Vanae Curae

  • YouTube – you can listen to the whole piece sung by King’s College, Cambridge, following along with the score, courtesy of morphthing1. For emphasised piano parts, provided by StMSSyd – St Mary’s Singers:

Choral Fantasy

  • YouTube – The versions with score provided here by DisciplesChorus show the English but the ‘wind-y’ emphasised parts are international…

    Other kind souls have provided home videos of their voice parts for their own choirs.  These might be helpful for pronunciation although it appears not all parts are covered.

  • Choralia – chipmunk German is almost as much fun as chipmunk Latin
  • John Fletcher – not tested for correctness of version