Rehearsal Resources – Quick Ref

Other than the use of a recording of a piece sung by a professional choir which you can follow with your score and sing along to, the following table gives a quick reference to some of the best aids for choirs on the internet. Some require registration or a small subscription but they can be cheaper than recordings and are specifically designed for the task.


Detailed notes are available if required.

Website Midi/MP3 Files Midi Player Required?
This website hosted by John
Hooper provides very good
access to a large library of
music and gives clear
instructions on how to download
and play the Midi Files.
Free Midis, provided by
John Hooper. The
website also gives links to
many other websites
providing Midi Files, and
associated useful
Yes, Midi Play provided free
by Chris Hills. His Web
site is
It is also available via a link
from John Hooper’s website
– excellent software.
“Learn to Sing Choral Works Alongside a Professional Singer” Parts sung and emphasised by real singers! Currently features just 16 classical composers and a limited repertoire but very useful for these.
Free to use online. “Master Class” rehearsal aids may be downloaded for e.g. $20 – not tested for UK purchase in sterling. Player provided online.
The user needs to do a
simple registration to access
the sound files.NB.  Good selection
of Christmas music.
Free Midis/MP3s if music
is out of copyright.
A small charge for MP3
music still in copyright.
The Midi Files can be used
with the Chris Hills Midi
Play software.
An excellent website. Please
read copyright information and
MP3 Manual, which are
accessed from the MP3
catalogue section.
MP3 Files with a synthetic
voice singing the notes
and the words so that you
can hear each syllable. At
present it provides three
levels of rehearsing.
Not applicable since dealing
with MP3 Files.
For a nominal fee, MP3 Files
can be downloaded or a CD
purchased. The music is
presented in blocks of bars with
a voice indicating when your
entry is arriving.
A nominal payment is
required to download MP3
Files or to purchase a CD.
Not applicable, as above.
An American site.
Extensive and varied
collection of mostly MP3
recordings and much else.
After entering the website,
click on Music Files.
As above.
A Dutch site.
Free Midi Files, e.g. Notre
Pere by Durufle.
As above.